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/Publisher Excel and you do not know how to publish it on the web ?

Convert any type of printable document to the FlashProspectus format
The final document is lighter more impactant compatible on any kind of computer.
Just publish it on the web

It also gains in flexibility, speed and visual aspect!

Click here to watch the demo !

CLick here to download an evalutaion of Flash prospectus.

   Easy, Fast, Efficient

Flash Prospectus : what for ?
You have a document a booklet, a leaflet which you wish to publish on Internet?
But how tomake it publishable, light, impacting and compatible with the web ?
SIMPLE ! Convert your document to HTML5 Prospectus format !
The advantage of Flash: you can be sure onyone will be able to read it !

Flash prospectus converts any kind of documents: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, pdf, text, HTML, images, Illustrator, photoshop… in 1 click you get an interactive flash catalog !

Flash is the universal format for the diffusion of documents via Internet. With Flash Prospectus, you create your Flash document in 1 click! JUST print your document such as: Office, Word, Internet, Excel etc… in the printer FlashProspctus and here we are ! This is done !

To convert a document existing to Flash prospectus print simply your document! That's all ! It is ready to be published !

CLick here to watch the final Flash prospectus result !

How does it work ?
The software creates what is called in virtual FlashProspectus printer. To convert your document to Flash Prospectus format JUST print it ! In 1 click your documentis created and ready to be sent by email or to by published on your website !