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Faq Flash prospectus - create interactive catalogs in Flash by printing

What is the final result ?
Click here and to compare the WORD document and the final document.

DO I have to know Flash ?
NOl: in fact you will create your Flash document with your usual software and you will simply convert them by printing them !

Does it work with VISTA ?
YES: It workis with Windows XP/2000/2003 VISTA and seven.

What kind of document can I convert ?
You can convert ANY document that is printable !

How does it work ?
Just open your document with the associated program (WORD, Excel, HTML etc…) and print it using the FlashProspectus printer.

What for ?
The format HTML5 is a standard on Internet: You can publish it on Internet: it will be read on any computer and operating system used (Windows/Linux/MacOS…).

How much does Flash leaflet cost?
The software in full version costs only 199 euros. NO LIMITATION. If you need several licences, contact us by using our form on line.

Is flash leaflet it difficult to install, or configure ?
Not, ALL is automatic: you do not need to parameterize the software.

Which difference between the free version and the paying version?
the free version integrated an image in filigree: it should be used only to make tests of evaluation.

Once created, how to publish my catalog on Internet?
Just uploade the files generateg with your FTP program.

Which functions gives me Flash Prospectus?
It integrates functions of zooms, pagination and effects of the pages.

My document of origin comprises an ODD number of pages: what should I do ?
It is to better add a white page or a front page or to print only the selection of pages excluding this last page!

Is there a limitation in time of number of uses ?
There is NO limit!

Other questions?
Contact us